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Half Moon Bay is a place of unrivaled beauty, nestled between the noble Santa Cruz Mountains and the powerful Pacific Ocean. Because of its geographic isolation, Half Moon Bay and the surrounding Coastside have not changed dramatically over the years. It is truly an area time forgot – with vast expanses of colorful agriculture land, protected open spaces, unspoiled beaches and vistas and the quaint, friendly ambiance of Main Street.

It is also an area rich in history, owing its strong sense of community to the peoples who migrated from foreign lands to settle on the Coastside, including those from Spain, Mexico, Chile, Portugal and Italy. They were primarily farmers, whalers, fishermen, dairymen, lumbermen and later rum runners.

Half Moon Bay is the oldest settlement in San Mateo County, dating back to the 1840’s. Traces of its past are visible in the many historic buildings that line Main Street and in the fields of flowers, pumpkins, Brussels sprouts and artichokes that have for decades surrounded the small seaside town.

Half Moon Bay Winery was established to honor the picturesque reputation of Half Moon Bay. The winery’s varieties — all handcrafted from North Coast grapes — recognize different aspects of the town and the coast.

Half Moon Bay Winery has been honored to be the official wine of the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival the past seven years and the annual commemorative bottle with a specially designed label currently is for sale at retail outlets.

Coastal Fog Fisherman's Red HMB Wine & Cheese Our Distributor

THERE’S A “NEW TWIST TONIGHT” in Half Moon Bay and on the Coastside. In 2006, Half Moon Bay Winery brought its wines from the 17th century into the 21st century.  Fisherman’s Red, Coastal Fog, and Cameron’s Pub Cabernet Sauvignon turned from the cork to the screw-cap.

Utilizing the patented Stelvin™ screw-cap closure on our bottles is not an insult to wine drinkers with bad cases of wine snobbery. The only thing missing will be the "pop" of the cork. The "pop" is lost but this is what is gained: Wine bottles with this screw-cap are not susceptible to the estimated 5 to 15% of corked bottles that go musty and undrinkable. Research shows the Stelvin makes a near perfect seal, more air tight than a cork, and it's easy to reseal.


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